Dentex fish is a species available in the Sparid family, commonly known as sea beams. Dentex Fish, scientific name Dentex dentex, also called the Common dentex is found in the Mediterranean, but it is also found in the Black Sea and the East Atlantic Ocean. Both the genus and the species are related to the Latin name Denetex dent which means “tooth”.

Dentex fish Profile

The genus Dentax includes the Sparidae, the superfamily Percoidea, the sub-order Percoidea, the order parsiformis, the class actinoproteghe, the film Cordata, and the Kingdom Animalia family.

In addition to common denatures, this genus includes Large-I Dentecs (Dentax macrophtalamus), Pink Dentecs (Dentax Philosus), and Crowned Dentecs (Dentax coronatus), which are prevalent in all waters around Malta. Morocco Dentex (Dentex Marcocanus) lives on the coast of Morocco.

Common Dentex is a family fish in Sparidae. It has a strong and firm body, with slightly flat sides. Tail fins are strong and well built – the mark of a good swimmer and deadly predator.

Common Dentex java is used to hunt prey with four large teeth (canine) – in many languages ​​and cultures these teeth are named after fish. It is an active predator, feeding other fish, mollusks, cephalopods, etc.

Dentex fish Description

The ovary of the body, rather deep and compressed. In adults, the profile of the head is smoothly rounded but almost straight in the young; A slight frontal drop in very large individuals; Eyes small, suborbital space wide. Cheeks falling; The scales appear on the preamp except at its anterior margin. Facedown, somewhat oblique.

Multiple rows of canine national teeth, the outer row is by far the most powerful 4 to 6 each jaw has very well developed anterior teeth.

The first arc is 9 or 10 lower and 8 or 9 upper zilker.

Dorsal fin with 11 spines and 11 or 12 soft rays, the spines are growing in length from first to face, or fifth and then subequal. Anal fin with 3 spines and 7 to 9 soft rays. Scale with lateral lines 62 to 68.

In young specimens the color is brown, stained with black on the back and top, pink with sexual maturity; Older individuals have blue-gray and darker spots more or less spread with age. Some people have yellow color on the back of the face and the gill cover in

Warning – Live Common Dentex can bite anyone or anything else on the boat or on the shore if caught. But don’t worry too much, underwater it avoids people as much as possible.

The maximum recorded (more or less verified) length is 1 meter and the maximum weight is closer to 16 kg. There are some stories about Common Dentex that have a length of ~ 1.60m and weigh 40kg, but they have not been verified.

Blue-gray-red on the back, silver-red color on the stomach. The frontal region of the head is somewhat thicker.